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Ergonomic Product Evaluation & Training

The Ergo Girls specialize in practical aspects of Ergonomic Jobsite Assessments. To ensure your workplace setting is safe, comfortable, and effective for employees, we provide ergonomic product evaluation to help with the ergonomic needs of the workers.

The type of equipment you use for work could have a significant impact on your comfort. Although several products on the market can make life easier on the job, they are not all adjustable or made to your specifications. An ergonomic product evaluation is a great way to ensure the equipment you’re using is appropriate for your needs. It’s not always clear why we develop aches and pains, and only a trained eye can determine the source of chronic issues.

Although it may seem like you’re developing headaches for one reason, the root cause may be something that appears unrelated, like the way you hold your shoulders. With our professionals' expert attention and knowledge, you can start to enjoy freedom from pain and discomfort during your working day.

No matter your job or career, ergonomic accommodations are possible. Not everyone sits at a desk, so whether you spend your time as a seamstress or working on a factory floor, there are ways to create a more comfortable environment to reduce the risk of chronic pain. Talk to The Ergo Girls about alleviating issues with an ergonomic product evaluation. Our services cover a range of assessments that individuals and businesses can benefit from in a multitude of ways.


• Individual Ergonomic Evaluation:
We work with the individual to determine if space is set up ergonomically correct for them and their specific needs. When allowed, we adjust/modify the existing equipment to increase their comfort level. We will discuss the importance of proper posture, changing tasks, and adjusting positions for their benefit. A report will be provided of our findings and recommendations. If additional equipment is needed, this will be included in the report. A follow-up visit will be provided for training and/or instruction of any new equipment that was provided.

Working | Ergonomic Product Evaluation

Group ergonomic evaluations:
We will meet on an individual basis, all workers in a specific area and provide a brief assessment of their work area to determine if it is set up ergonomically for the specific worker. Educate on proper posture and positioning of equipment. A brief summary of each worker will be provided in a report with equipment recommendations or workstation changes.

Ergonomic Presentation:
An interactive presentation on the benefits of good ergonomic behaviors while working. The main goal is to bring awareness to the workers on how to make changes to their workspace to utilize it more comfortably.

Customized Presentations:
The presentation is geared to specific high-risk work areas. We will meet with workers to discuss the concerns, document issues, and present solutions.

Evaluations and presentations will be customized to your needs or requirements. Contact us at info@theergogirls.com

Some of Our Clients:

  • UMass Memorial Medical Center
  • Mass Transit Authority
  • City of Somerville
• Partners Healthcare

Supplementary Service

Specialty Installation Crew

EWS Delivery Service is a veteran-owned-and-operated business that works exclusively with us to correctly install the ergonomic equipment purchased. Every project is reviewed for a complete understanding of what the product is for and how it should be set up. This ensures your new product is installed seamlessly.

Space Planning

When you are moving to a new location or want to change up your existing offices, The Ergo Girls provide space planning to make certain ergonomic solutions are considered. We review the plans and current layout and make recommendations to make space safer and more user-friendly.